Hutch Redo Reveal

I can't tell you how happy I am just to be done with this project. This one didn't give me much joy throughout the transformation. One coat of primer, two coats of black paint yielded a very splotchy appearance. Off for more paint...I came home with an almost black paint. Still no good! Back for more paint again and this time I bought off the shelf Satin Black. Another couple of hours of painting and here she finally is.

All this work made me realize that she looks better in my home office to match my desk and to house much needed "things."

I recently did a switcharoo and flipped bedrooms, giving myself a bigger office. It's nice to have more space. I'm still working on organizing but this is a great improvement.


A What?

I had to walk away from the hutch before I tossed it to the street hoping the garbage truck would run it over...so once my frustration subsides, I'll start again.

But on an entirely exciting new note, I received a Cricut (about 6 months ago). It just showed up on my front porch in a brown ordinary box. I had absolutely no clue what it was. I stared at it dumbfounded. I wondered who sent this to me...it could only be one lady, my grandmother. She is a very "up with the times" lady. I gave her a call and said "What is it?"...she acted like I was from outer space and asked "Didn't you see it on TV? It can do amazing things." I ended up putting it in the closet, until yesterday! I will tell you it does amazing things. I am just a beginner, but I made these cute little labels and organized my photos by category (a task that has been on my to do list for 10 years). As I learn more about it, I'll share how I use it for organizing- stylishly.

Oh, I made my grandmother a sweet little thank you card. I think she'll be impressed.


Painting Panic

.....the hutch is not turning out as I wanted. I am having trouble getting the black finish to not look streaky. This weekend project is turning into a longer one. I'll keep trying to get it right.


Hutch Redo Inspiration

I've spent the afternoon priming and painting the hutch...results forthcoming. Here was my inspiration from Pottery Barn.


Horrid Hutch

This hutch clearly matched my plaid country sofa that found a new home this morning.  I'm going to paint it and either remove the doors completely or figure something out to freshen up the tin. 
The question of the evening is do I paint it black or white?  Or red? :)

Lovely Lamps Part 2

How does she look?

Inspiration from Pottery Barn:

My own lamp before:

The Lovely Lamp (excuse the newspaper...room is in transition):
With a different shade:

I used Krylon Brushed Metallic in ORB from Wal-mart.  Both shades are from Wal-mart.  Both linen and the tag says Canopy Collection.  Not sure yet which one I like best.


Lovely Lamps

I've had 3 lamps sitting in the basement for some time now.  I was about ready to send them off to Goodwill.  Yet, I was flipping through PB fall issue today and had a light bulb moment.  I have a lamp very similar to this design, but its an ugly mottled green and white.  Hmmm, how about try the oil rubbed bronze paint you all are talking about.  

So off to Wal-mart I went and picked up some cans.  While I was at it I found a linen (ah lovely) drum shade.  Who knew- Wal-mart.  I'm liking their BHG line.

 So my TO DO for the weekend is to spray paint and pray for loveliness.  Stay tuned.

Out with the old

I decided against the one couch and went with tanish, greenish, comfy one.  It's on its way here.  So out with the old and in with the new.  I'm ready to shop the house (and HomeGoods of course) for some new accessories.

Say good-bye to my old plaid set.


Sit on Me Sofa

I'm on the hunt for a new sofa.  My green country plaid one is over 10 years old and is ready to move on.  What do you think of these two from Ashley Furniture?  While they have a contemporary flair, I love the neutral color and think maybe if I get rid of the toss pillows and bring in some comfy, cozy PB style, these may work.  I am leaning toward the one with the nail heads...but I haven't seen that one in person yet....what would you chose?


Dust Bunnies

I am always looking for quick fixes when it comes to cleaning.  I love my hard wood floors, but by the end of the week the dust bunnies appear.  I found the greatest product that uses no chemicals and is reusable.  GO GREEN. ---The Libman Microfiber floor cloth.  You can use it wet or dry and just toss into the washing machine.  When I don't feel like moping, this is a quick way to get some grime and dust bunnies off the floor.  What works best for me is to sweep, then run this cloth under some hot water with a little dish detergent.  I wring it out and attach it to the handle.. Presto- quick damp mop that makes my floor shine again.