Weathered Wicker

I've learned there are a lot of creative people out in the blogging world.  One of the best tips I found is to buy a $4 spray gun that clips on to the top of a spray paint can.  I tried to spray paint some old lamps over a year ago and they came out all splotchy.  I gave up on spray paint until i saw all the successes folks have in blog land.

Enter old, weathered, faded wicker set.  This set had been around the block.  It was used indoors and out.  Most recently on our front porch this spring, but the sun bleached out the honey wood color.  Off to Home Depot I went and bought 5 cans of espresso satin spray paint (and the gun of course).

The reinvented set looks like those I was looking at for over $100 bucks.  Go figure what a little paint does.  I need to whip up some seat cushions.  If only I wasn't so scared of the sewing machine in the closet.  To do.


  1. Don't you just love spray paint! Great job. Thanks for the tip on the spray paint gun, I'm going to drop by Lowe's and see if they have one. If not, off to Home Depot. Thanks for sharing, I'll be dropping in to see your projects.

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog, I've got white wicker and I just painted my house a deep rich green called eclipse. I was wondering what to do with the wicker, and I think I discovered the color I want..thanks for posting it, your's turned out great!! Lisa :-)