Sneak Peak

I spent all day Saturday finishing the floor trim and trying to ties up loose ends in the pool house. I was cruising along when I came across a dilemma.  I had a rather large gap next to the cabinet the simple shoe molding was not going to cover up.  After about an hour of trying various trims, I just about gave up, but I had a light bulb moment.  One of those, oh how come you didn't think of that sooner moments.  I salvaged some beadboard I had left over from a basement project and it was the perfect thickness I needed to match the cabinet lip.  I installed it with some brad nails and viola- perfect fit. 

Here are some sneak peak pictures of the pool house.  It has a little bit of tweaking needed.  I'm still figuring out furniture placement, etc.  (I'm not happy with the fridge, TV scenario, but Hubs wants the TV high.  He's used to the 52" flat screen, but of course no can do due to $$$).
I finally had a moment of R&R in the pool house today and it's starting to feel like it's part of HOME.

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  1. Wow, this is going to be one beautiful pool house! Thanks for your lovely comment today..Rachaelx