Fall Cleaning

I've taken a break from the pool house to get some much needed cleaning done. I'm not big on cleaning- even though I love a clean house. During the week, I tend to surface clean. Unfortunately, clutter always appears. Every so often the urge hits to deep clean and get behind furniture to sweep up those cobwebs.

Last weekend I hit the garage. It was a mess with all that was going on outside. So I took one day and organized all the shelves, put the paint on one place, the pond supplies in another and auto stuff received its own shelf. I have to tell you...it is so organized that I smile, I actually smile when I walk into my garage. Everything has a place. It only took 11 years to get here.

On the bandwagon, this weekend I deep cleaned my carpets in the bedrooms. While I was at it, I cleaned closets and made a "place" for everything. If it didn't have a place, it went it to a box that is set for goodwill. All the bedrooms received freshly laundered linens and the cat was told not to jump on the beds. :)

I love the smell of a clean home...now to tackle the downstairs. Sigh. There are some serious dust bunnies down there.

How do you clean? Daily, weekly? Or like me- a little of both, but the serious business happens every so often.

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  1. Oh you can come to my house and organize my garage.....It's a mess! Really enjoyed your post. It made me smile reading it. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving such a nice comment.....Go for the black for your kitchen table...you won't be sorry. I love mine.