Fall Cleaning

I've taken a break from the pool house to get some much needed cleaning done. I'm not big on cleaning- even though I love a clean house. During the week, I tend to surface clean. Unfortunately, clutter always appears. Every so often the urge hits to deep clean and get behind furniture to sweep up those cobwebs.

Last weekend I hit the garage. It was a mess with all that was going on outside. So I took one day and organized all the shelves, put the paint on one place, the pond supplies in another and auto stuff received its own shelf. I have to tell you...it is so organized that I smile, I actually smile when I walk into my garage. Everything has a place. It only took 11 years to get here.

On the bandwagon, this weekend I deep cleaned my carpets in the bedrooms. While I was at it, I cleaned closets and made a "place" for everything. If it didn't have a place, it went it to a box that is set for goodwill. All the bedrooms received freshly laundered linens and the cat was told not to jump on the beds. :)

I love the smell of a clean home...now to tackle the downstairs. Sigh. There are some serious dust bunnies down there.

How do you clean? Daily, weekly? Or like me- a little of both, but the serious business happens every so often.


Sneak Peak

I spent all day Saturday finishing the floor trim and trying to ties up loose ends in the pool house. I was cruising along when I came across a dilemma.  I had a rather large gap next to the cabinet the simple shoe molding was not going to cover up.  After about an hour of trying various trims, I just about gave up, but I had a light bulb moment.  One of those, oh how come you didn't think of that sooner moments.  I salvaged some beadboard I had left over from a basement project and it was the perfect thickness I needed to match the cabinet lip.  I installed it with some brad nails and viola- perfect fit. 

Here are some sneak peak pictures of the pool house.  It has a little bit of tweaking needed.  I'm still figuring out furniture placement, etc.  (I'm not happy with the fridge, TV scenario, but Hubs wants the TV high.  He's used to the 52" flat screen, but of course no can do due to $$$).
I finally had a moment of R&R in the pool house today and it's starting to feel like it's part of HOME.


Pillow talk

I've begun to gather some items to decorate the pool house.  I bought Pottery Barn pillow covers off eBay many months ago along with a daybed cover. They've been waiting patiently in the closet.  

I couldn't allow myself to pay for pricey pillow inserts at my local craft store or dept. store. Good news is that I found the following website.  I thought I'd share as the pillow inserts shipped quickly and are perfect.  They are overstuffed (size up) and look like the decorator ones  I see in the stores.  Check out pillowsxpress.com.

This weekend will be spent finishing some trim and moving furniture into the pool house. Pictures to follow.

(oh, the floor turned out really great. I'll take some daylight photos to share)


Weathered Wicker

I've learned there are a lot of creative people out in the blogging world.  One of the best tips I found is to buy a $4 spray gun that clips on to the top of a spray paint can.  I tried to spray paint some old lamps over a year ago and they came out all splotchy.  I gave up on spray paint until i saw all the successes folks have in blog land.

Enter old, weathered, faded wicker set.  This set had been around the block.  It was used indoors and out.  Most recently on our front porch this spring, but the sun bleached out the honey wood color.  Off to Home Depot I went and bought 5 cans of espresso satin spray paint (and the gun of course).

The reinvented set looks like those I was looking at for over $100 bucks.  Go figure what a little paint does.  I need to whip up some seat cushions.  If only I wasn't so scared of the sewing machine in the closet.  To do.

Hard Knocks of Wood

It's been a long couple of days.  While I've said to myself a time or two, why didn't I just install snap and click laminate flooring...I'm very happy I didn't.

Hubs and I have been sanding the areas by the french doors.  When I say sanding...belt sanding. Dirty, Dusty, Darn I hate it sanding.  We had to do this so the door bottoms would not hit the floor.  When we had the pool house settle, it actually caused the joists to bow and cause a hump.  In hindsight, I would have sanded the subfloor prior to the installing the wood flooring...but I didn't know.  Live and learn.

Anyway, two belt sanders later and numerous 60 grit paper, we got it as good as its going to get.  I installed shorter door sweep/bottoms and now we are golden.

I decided to jump in and finish the floor myself.  Scared I was, but I used Zinsser Seal Coat.  I hand wiped one coat (yeah, I'm silly like that).  And then applied one coat of Water Based Poly.
I used the "go with it applicator" for that.  It went on white and I was very worried cause I kept having strokes where I stopped, but it appears to have dried fine.

Still have a couple more coats to go, but it looks really good.  I even think it looks better than my home floor that I paid mucho bucks for guys to do for me (go figure).

The photo flash calls attention to all the swirly details in the cherry flooring.  It's not that much in person...it just looks that way on camera.  I'll get some better shots later this week.


7 days

It's been one long week of working non-stop. I had planned a week vacation and the timing was perfect. I was able to spend the past week working of the interior of the pool house.
The cabinets are in. The counter top, sink, faucet are in. The wood floor and trim in installed.
We had a family BBQ and the set up was just PERFECT.
Next steps are finishing the wood floors with poly, painting the floor trim and french doors.
Then the real fun begins with decorating.