With a little help from friends

Today was jam packed with action.  I actually took off work so I could help. A full day of work accomplished 3 amazing things:
1. Drywall is installed and a painter friend came over to beautify my gaps, holes and messes.
After: I was very scared that my gaps were going to need some serious help, but our friend made it look easy as he taped and covered it all up.

2. Hot Water heater installed in cabinet.  We reused cabinets from our basement and are going to have one run of them along the side wall.  This water heater will service the outside shower and a hand washing sink inside.  This was a huge job in a tight space, but our friend did an amazing, meticulous job.
3. Outside Shower installed.  This turned out better than I could have imagined.  Perfect.
A little improvisation with the mounting blocks made it look much better.  On our list now is to install vinyl privacy fence to enclose it.  The patio pad for the shower is brand new.

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