I can't even share the pictures...they are way too suprising.  After the shock has worn off, I'm getting back into the mode- the fix it mode.  You see, tonight, unearthed a huge hurdle for this pool house renovation.  It all started when we noticed one of the french doors was difficult to open.  Hmmm, come to think of it, the floor was a little slanted.  With the blessing of our contractor, we tore up the floor boards tonight.  It wasn't pretty. 

We found that the sand and gravel had washed away underneath the front of the structure. One of the front footings was no longer supporting the pool house.  I'm talking a 6-8 inch gap about 7 feet wide where there was no earth support.  Shock.  But that sure explains why the door wasn't closing right all of a sudden.

We have a plan now.  Our contractor is going to lead the way and we'll jack and support the structure while we pour additional footings.  We had thought we were so smart...yeah, we have 9 footings that we poured under the shed 12 years ago.  Little did we know that a pool leak from 5 years ago caused the earth to settle and shift.

I am glad we found it now.  Before we finished drywall, before we noticed cracks in the walls, before the floor bowed under the weight,  etc.  Tomorrow is a new day, a day we will start to fix it all up.  I'm so happy to just get it done right.

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