Taking Shape

I was able to install a couple more rows of wood this evening...the room is now half way done. It is looking just fabulous. I was using scrap wood that didn't make the cut a couple years ago when I had installers use the wood in my home. That being said, there are some gaps in the pool house floor. Installer error (me) or the wood? Either way, I love it. Don't mind the dirt and dust...it's everywhere. I can't wait to give the floor a good vacuuming.


Cherry Wood Floors

I just had to say it...I took the leap and installed 3 rows of the wood floors. Not bad. They aren't perfect, but pretty good looking for my first time installing. I now have a deep appreciation for the two guys who installed it in our house. However, I have the "I can do it" attitude right now.

It's late and the camera was no where to be found. Promise I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Score! Craigslist

I scored this Kohler sink from Craigslist last night.  It's brand new and shiny- $65 bucks, can't beat that. It's going to be nice to fill with ice and put beverages in.  Basically this sink won't get a lot of use in the pool house cause its for washing hands not dishes, but I love it.

The paint is on the walls and I have a long list of things to do.  

- Make filler strip for cabinet
- Cut couple inches off laminate countertop
- Install countertop and sink
- Purchase faucet and drains
- Install trim around windows
- Tackling flooring (I am very scared!).  I am using left over wide plank flooring and right now I have no idea what I am doing.


With a little help from friends

Today was jam packed with action.  I actually took off work so I could help. A full day of work accomplished 3 amazing things:
1. Drywall is installed and a painter friend came over to beautify my gaps, holes and messes.
After: I was very scared that my gaps were going to need some serious help, but our friend made it look easy as he taped and covered it all up.

2. Hot Water heater installed in cabinet.  We reused cabinets from our basement and are going to have one run of them along the side wall.  This water heater will service the outside shower and a hand washing sink inside.  This was a huge job in a tight space, but our friend did an amazing, meticulous job.
3. Outside Shower installed.  This turned out better than I could have imagined.  Perfect.
A little improvisation with the mounting blocks made it look much better.  On our list now is to install vinyl privacy fence to enclose it.  The patio pad for the shower is brand new.


A little of this

The first shot is all the concrete that was jammed under the front of the pool house.  It's not going anywhere now.  

Second shot is the masterpiece showing drywall.
These last few days have been an absolute whirlwind.  So many little details, but tonight I started to put Spackle on the many many screws used to hang the dry wall.  My husband worked day and night over the weekend and before and after work the last two days.  We didn't have a clue about hanging drywall, but trial and error, its pretty decent.  There are some mistakes and we had our share of tiffs along the way, but it turned out much better than I thought.  Tomorrow night we will be getting help on the seams...just cause they are real scary.
Big doins' the rest of the week.  On the list: prep for primer and paint, install water heater for outside shower, install cabinets, prep for flooring.


Jacked up

It's amazing what a tiny (well not really) little jack will do.  We cranked it a few times where the two french doors meet and low and behold up it went.  The doors shut perfectly now.  Tomorrow Hubs will dig a 6x12 in trench underneath the front wall.  Friday is the planned day to pour a slab like foundation underneath to support the front of the structure.  We'll also fix up any other footings that need to be.  A few more days and we'll be back in business-- this was just a little detour.



I can't even share the pictures...they are way too suprising.  After the shock has worn off, I'm getting back into the mode- the fix it mode.  You see, tonight, unearthed a huge hurdle for this pool house renovation.  It all started when we noticed one of the french doors was difficult to open.  Hmmm, come to think of it, the floor was a little slanted.  With the blessing of our contractor, we tore up the floor boards tonight.  It wasn't pretty. 

We found that the sand and gravel had washed away underneath the front of the structure. One of the front footings was no longer supporting the pool house.  I'm talking a 6-8 inch gap about 7 feet wide where there was no earth support.  Shock.  But that sure explains why the door wasn't closing right all of a sudden.

We have a plan now.  Our contractor is going to lead the way and we'll jack and support the structure while we pour additional footings.  We had thought we were so smart...yeah, we have 9 footings that we poured under the shed 12 years ago.  Little did we know that a pool leak from 5 years ago caused the earth to settle and shift.

I am glad we found it now.  Before we finished drywall, before we noticed cracks in the walls, before the floor bowed under the weight,  etc.  Tomorrow is a new day, a day we will start to fix it all up.  I'm so happy to just get it done right.


Itchy Insulation

Woke up Saturday morning and headed to Home Depot with the trailer in tow.  Hubs and I stocked our carts with roof venting (called something specific, but don't remember), insulation, drywall, plumbing parts and a couple misc. items.  An hour later we were covered head to toe with itchy insulation.
Hubs did the ceiling and I did the walls.  We were smart and wore those funny looking masks, but today we can both breathe easy.  Installing insulation is not fun, but I'm all for sweat equity.  I say bring on the drywall!!!


Inspiration for Blue and White

These are the two room photos I've been carrying around as my inspiration for the interior of the pool house.  The first is from Coastal Living.

I love the touches of red thrown in.  

The second in from Country Living.  I like the touches of wood with the blue and white.

Sigh of Relief- before and after

Today was a HUGE day.  The exterior (minus one area underneath the door) is now done. 
Here is the Before shot:

And now the After:

This was taken tonight. I tried to get the effect from the outdoor lighting...I'll try again.
But I am so happy that the outside is done.
Now onto insulation and drywall for the inside. Ideas for my Nantucket style are spinning in my head.