So close...Pool House

A week away on vacation does wonders.  We returned to a pool house with siding and soffit installed. There is some trim to finish, gutters to be installed, and tidying up.  We power washed the concrete and boy what a difference.  You can see we moved the hot tub to its resting place.  It fits perfectly. Next to do...lighting and a concrete patio where the old filter hook up was.



I love the look of beadboard.  Look at this vinyl that was installed under the pool house porches. While it's not wood, I am all for the low maintenance that this allows. Fabulous.



Tyvek anyone?

The pool house is progressing, yet again, woo hoo.  Windows are in.  Tyvek is on.  Today the vinyl soffit material under the two side roofs is going up.  It's a vinyl beadboard material and it looks fabulous.  Pictures to come.
Once that is done and the beams and posts are wrapped --the siding will go up.  I'm so giddy with excitement I can't stand it.  Very soon I can start the transformation inside.  I've already ordered lots of pillow covers off eBay- think very coastal beachy blue.


Pool Filter and all

It was a wonderful 4th of July weekend spending time with family and friends.

The pool filter in now moved.

Photo 1 shows how it used to look ...Photo 2 shows it moved 12 feet back and rebuilt with new sand filter, all new valves, salt water chlorinator, heater, lots of new piping and some other high tech stuff only my husband understands.

Ahhh...then we swam in the pool, and ate tons of food...and relaxed.