Koi Pond Reflection

Okay. So it stopped raining. Finally. And we are back in the swing of things. We've had some mind blowing, eye opening, light bulb moments over the last week. For one...the pool filter and heater have to be moved. It's funny cause we built this nice roof over it to protect it, but quickly came to the realization that it just has to move. It's taking up prime space under the shady roof. So one thing leads to another and the entire filtration system is going to be upgraded...say "cha ching." It will be worth it in the long run...quieter pump, salt water filtration (no more smelly chlorine pucks) and a brand new sand filter. Its all being moved this week. Hubby is doing the back braking trench digging! I can't wait to see the new space once its done.
While all the details work themselves out...I enjoy taking a deep breath and watching the koi swim around...no worries.


Gable Bracket

Still waiting for the rain to stop...in the meantime I've been looking at porch gable brackets. Pretty sure I want one...just haven't found the perfect one yet.  Found a website durabrac.com that has some styles.  I like them because they are vinyl...I certainly don't want to be painting the thing down the road.


Waiting for the rain to stop

I've seen glimpses of sun over the last 3 days, but not much. I'm a little bummed as there has been little progress on the pool house due to all the rain. Good things come to those who wait...right?

Today I decided to tackle another item on the "to do" list...figure out how to upholster a side chair. I bought this chair few years back with good intentions. I have since painted the matching dresser, but this chair...well it was scary. It needs paint, it needs a new seat and some cushions/pillows.

Tonight I spent time ripping off the fabric, tearing out nasty foam and removing a lot of staples and nails. I've had this magazine page from Martha Stewart Living in my ideas folder for a long time. If you go to Martha's website and search on Furniture Before and After you'll see it there.


Pool House Part 5

Doors installed. Check.  Roofing installed. Partial check.  Turns out we had to special order more, but it has finally arrived.  Next on the list is the siding.  All picked out and sitting in my garage for the big installation.  So far, I love love love how its all coming together.  

Oh yeah, see that pile of dirt under the roof.  Well, that roof was created to cover our pool filter and heater....well, now we figure that is prime area for entertaining so we are going to move the filter etc to free that area up for table and chairs.  One thing leads to another.