Pool House Transformation Part 1

Today is the big day...the day the crew will start to rip the roof off the pool house and begin the transformation.  Overall plan is as follows:

1.  Tear off and raise the roof a few feet.  This will allow for storage area and make it more pleasing to the eye when we install the french doors.  They won't look squat under a taller roof line.
2. Built out/extend the roof on either side of the pool house.  This will create a covered area for the hot tub on one side and a covered area for the pool filter, heater and stuff on the other side.
3. Install two sets of french doors and small window left over from kitchen remodel.
4. Side the pool house in white vinyl to match our home.  
5. Install all new roofing.
6. Build an enclosure for the outside shower. 
7. Exterior lighting options?
8. Interior remodel---lots and lots of ideas.  More to follow on that.

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